About Shine My Loc's & Braids

Since its inception in 2012, Shine My Loc's & Braids has grown to be one of the most sought-after hair salons both in Nairobi, Kenya and Boston, Massachusetts - USA. This is because we have always strived to pamper our clients with professional attention and exceptional natural hair care and products and exquisite natural hair styles, ranging from Locs to Braids. We are a Licenced cosmetologist, Loctitian & Natural Hair Stylists, specializing in Locs & Kinky hair taking pride in a clientele spread across East-Africa and the USA, spanning over close to a decade now. We have so far won two awards in 2017 namely The Afro Hair Awards (East Africa) and The GBOS HONORS (Boston).

At Shine My Loc's & Braids, we believe that everyone should look and feel beautiful in their own skin. It’s against this strong conviction that we bring you an extensive selection of services comprised of high-quality authentic Locs; ranging from funky and exotic to conservative and professional to give you that look which you’ve always wanted.

"We don't just do hair..."

We don't just do hair... We love the versatility of hair, the different hair types and the creativity the hair allows. Our team of highly-skilled and creative professionals are at your disposal for the goddess Locs to crochet Locs to faux Locs – name it and we got it! Each client’s consultation is customized based on hair texture, length thickness, lifestyle and expected results.

For ten years now, Shine My Loc's & Braids has been a hub of natural hair products operating concurrently in Nairobi and Boston, creating a wealth of first-class beauty care solutions to our clients. Owing to our commitment in sprucing up customer experience through admirable Locs at ridiculously low prices, Shine My Loc's & Braids has since spread its wings to find another home in 5196 Washington Street, West Roxbury, Massachusetts – USA. Yah! We now have three branches up and running to elevate your look from average to inspiring!

Our products have a touch of care, very easy to maintain, economical, chemical free giving you a fashionable protective hairstyle that can be done in variety of looks like Fresh Locs, Sister Locs, Micro crochets, Artificial Locs, Grafted Locs among many more. We don’t use pins and clips.

For all your holistic hair and beauty needs, feel free to swing by today and help us help you to look great and feel fabulously amazing!

To book an appointment, call +1617-327-0850